A SmartDriller android app is developed for operators of Horizontal directional drilling machines (HDD) and pipe pushers of all types directed by location systems.
Using this App, you can easily and quickly design the path of pilot bore with Earth surface sectional view and utilities trunks.
 Automatic recalculation of manual change in The Pipe Table allows to use this App in real-time mode to perform works easily and quickly while drilling.

App’s features are the following:

  • An automatic or manual design of  the drilling path on the plan;
  • Adjustment of  automatically designed drilling path;
  • Input of drilling pipe operating length values and allowed bending percent;
  • Integral and fractional values of input and estimated data;
  • Calculation of hang in percent and degrees;
  • Metric and Imperial measurement systems;
  • Designing of Earth surface by graphic and tabular method;
  • Underground utilities and wells can be drawn on the plane;
  • Loading and saving of projects.

Available languages: English, Russian